At last! Chek Basic (v0.95) is published and available!


I’ve been working for awhile now to iron out some major issues with the code for Chek on the Pico 8 fantasy game console and finally have a release. This is a big milestone because the game is playable for the first time to everyone. It’s playable in fact here, now on the web page and on your phone!

This version is the Basic ruleset that maintains the movement, attacking and Bully bonus framework. It does not yet include Chain attacks or Linking as in the full Chek ruleset. Chains and Links are really the heart of the game, but are also very problematic to program. I’m halfway there but to finish them out, I also need to rework my BSM as referenced here, but the good news is that I have a plan for that.

Pro Tip – to reset the board simply refresh the page.

What this means:

Now that I have working public code, I am going to take some time to test and refine it. It will also be useful in playtesting and in talking about the game. I’m excited to bring out the Full ruleset and to add some quality of life features soon. Today though, I am happy with the release!


Next updates:

  • Attack, Defense and Bully indicators
  • Sound effects
  • Dice animation? maybe